Special Projects

Zeta Diversity

Measuring and modelling compositional change in biodiversity with zeta diversity

Changes in the composition of ecological communities across sites are traditionally measured by computing how many species are shared across pairs of sites, using one of multiple possible beta diversity metrics. – Read more here 


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Black Listing Invasive Species for Monitoring and Reporting

A GEO BON Essential Biodiversity Variable Project 2014-2015 – Read more here



Maquarie Nature Reseve

Maquarie Nature Reseve

Nowhere to hide in the Sub-Antarctic 

Nowhere to hide? Conservation options for a sub-Antarctic keystone species – Read more here

Invasion risks and pathways.

Preventing the introduction of new and harmful exotic species. The introduction and spread of new and exotic species beyond their native range can have severe negative environmental consequences, and the drivers of invasion show little sign of abating. – Read more here