David Clarke

PHD Candidate

Website – davidanthonyclarke.com

David completed a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Ecology from James Cook University, Cairns. He received a first class honours for exploring the relationship between plant diversity and invertebrate communities in a tropical seagrass ecosystem.

After graduating, he was employed as a data analyst for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources; specifically with the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy (NAQS). NAQS is responsible for biosecurity operations across northern Australia including Torres Strait and neighbouring countries. In addition to this role, David wanted to further his analytical capabilities and thus enrolled in a Graduate certificate in Statistics with University of Southern Queensland which he is currently undertaking.

For his PhD research, David will be broadly looking at the use, or lack thereof, of ecological theory in the risk assessment process for invasive species. This will include the critical assessment of current and proposed assessment techniques, and the development of a framework for the global identification of sites that are sensitive and/or susceptible to biological invasions.

Title: The ecology of invasive species risk assessment